Here are some of our past concert programmes. Any of these concerts are available for performance in your venue or your concert series.


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Gathered by the Fire -

Ancient Music to Celebrate Yuletide

Peasants by fire.JPG

Our recent concert in the fall of 2019 featured seasonal music, performed on our usual array of voice and instruments. It inculded exotic, medieval carols, festive dance tunes, exquisite art songs from the high Renaissance, and folk music harkening back to a time of wassails and yuletide traditions, all meant to evoke the warmth and comradery of a winter's afternoon spent around the fire with friends and family. 

Performances were held at Oak Bay United Church, Oak Bay, St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, Mayne Island and All Saints by-the-Sea Anglican Church, Salt Spring Island. 


Pastime With Good Company

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We celebrated our 20th Anniversary in November, 2018, with a concert of new repertoire and favourites. The concerts in Oak Bay, Sidney and Mayne Island also coincided with the release of our new CD. 


Now is Yule Comen

Banquo Folk Ensemble Yule Concert 2017. Detail from "Hunters in the Snow" - Pieter Bruegel, the Elder
Here's a short video clip of our rehearsal on Mayne Islance for "Now is Yule Comen"

Our Christmas concert programme - a selection of seasonal music - was presented in December, 2017 in Oak Bay and Mayne Island.

The programme features music spanning the last 800 years, some of it in the themes of the season, and some of it just wonderful music that we love to play. We perform a combination of songs and instrumental pieces and of course, we'll showcase our huge collection of instruments. 


Gathered by the Fire

Banquo Folk Ensemble Concert, "Gathered by the Fire". Detail from "Hunters in the Snow" - Pieter Bruegel, the Elder

First performed in November, 2016, "Gathered by the Fire" is a concert built around the theme of the dark days of winter, when, in ancient times, communities came together to share stories and music to help survive the harsh realities of an unforgiving season.


Myth, legends and the spirit world figure prominently in tales read by guest narrator and local singer Paul Boughen, accompanied by evocative music from those far-off times.


The Auld Alliance

Banquo Folk Ensemble Auld Alliance Concert Image

First performed in May, 2016, "The Auld Alliance" features music from Scotland and France, throughout the centuries, with narration.

The so-called Auld Alliance was formed between Scotland and France in the 13th Century and lasted for over 400 years. We explore, with vignettes, how this alliance shaped the history of France and Scotland, accompanied by music from both countries over that period.